Escalante 2012

After our river cruise in  Europe during this past summer, I was excited to do some off road motorcycling. Fellow riders from AARG (Arizona Adventure Riders Group) had planned a short three day trip to the Escalante Wilderness area in southern Utah for the last weekend of September.

I left a day earlier to spend the night at Lees Ferry, a world class fishing area on the Colorado River.

I met up with the group for lunch and we took off shortly after lunch. Our plan was to ride about sixty five miles of dirt road and spend the night camping outside  Torrey, Utah

The sun was just starting to set on these hills in the distance.

Quite the motley crew!

Our campsite for the night.

We broke camp early next morning as it was going to be a long day of riding and camping at the Valley of the Gods.

This will be the 10,000' mountain we will climb later in the day.

That's about all for photos as a few hours later I fell and broke my ankle at the top of the mountain. I can't begun to describe nor would photos convey the views from 10,000!

I t has been a month since my fall and I am wearing a removable boot. When this comes off in several  weeks, I'll be good to go. I have a trip planned for Mexico in January which has been on my bucket list for a long time, as has Alaska.